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and then there’s this:

 loving this infinitely.

i really need to get with the program(me).   i want to be  a better blogher.  i want to document and incorporate my photos into this visual account of my life…OUR lives.   however, momentarily OUR lives have been *interrupted*.

i really have gone back and forth about posting this on carolina lane.  my mind has been changed so many times.  i have lost sleep tangling with this, twisted around and inside and out, making no decision which vis a vis becomes one’s decision, and after wanting to post about what the hubs is doing, but hearing a little voice from somewhere over there in oblivion telling me not to post about it-so i refrained, ultimately–   the posting has commenced.       now how’s that for a run-on sentence? ha.

so yes, the hubs is in haiti.  his brigade has been in haiti for 2 weeks today.  i have had some issue with posting this mostly for safety reasons, but i think these concerns have been quelled and now it is time to pronounce to our dear readers just how very proud this momma is of her hubbinest husband.     my heart swells and my eyes get misty and i am filled with so much love for him i can not contain it.   

more on this later as it is the very wee hours of the morning and i should be sleeping.  but at least, this post has brought me to a point of decision finally.     i will be posting, in real time now, about the effect haiti is having on my little family.   

hurry home to me, hubs.  get the job done right, help those in need, but hurry home.  love.

the newspaper in raleigh has a reporter embedded with hub’s unit in haiti: A Co 1/325, 82nd Airborne. they have fantastic coverage of what’s happening, with great pictures and videos (i’m constantly looking at the photos…hoping for a glimpse of the hubs). this is them:

i really want to get better at this.  blogging, that is.  well, and also sticking to the resolutions in general (while blogging just happens to be one of those).  life just gets in the way.  i am going to try to blog those things instead of just letting them “get in the way”.  maybe being in the way is exactly where i need to be for this new year. hmmmm.  for today, short n sweet.  just. like. me.  SWAK!


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