my name is Carol and i’m a mama to the sweetest 2year old O-Meister i’ve ever known.  i am also a proud military wife to a brave, caring, hardworking man who would give you the moon if you asked for it.   and lest i forget our two wonderfully nutso furbabies.  we live with one neurotic but insanely loyal 5year old jack russell terrier named Lemmy (after Lemmy Kilmeister from Motorhead. rock!) and one naughty but oh-so-loveable 10month old beagle named Pepper.    our lives are crazy, beautiful, fun, daring, creative, and even peaceful and simple at times…and we love every minute!

i’ve written a few other blogs that have ultimately disappeared into cyberspace…long forgotten or just plain fizzled out.   this one feels quite different tho.  maybe it’s that i’m older? maybe it’s that i’ve got more direction, or more stable ground under me this time?  this blog just feels more “solid” somehow and i’ve begun writing at Carolina Lane as a way to document my life.  my life as a mama, my life as a wife, my life as a student of the every day and ordinary, and my life as a craftster and photographer.        

there are lots and lots of original images on this site and i would ask that you please not take images or content without permission.   i would be humbled to have you link to things you like here!    just please be kind, do the right thing, and don’t steal my stuff.  

please don’t forget to leave a comment!   i love knowing who has been visiting and what you are inspired by!  i do hope to respond to as many as i can.  

🙂  Carol