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O-meister and i went antique shopping with his grandma, my mother in law, this morning.  it was glorious.  i love spending time with her, with him…with them together.  and the smells and feelings of so many people, over so many years, comingling in one big shop is intoxicating.  all that history in a chair or an antique secretary from 1870.  i love to let my  mind wander (and wonder!) on who might’ve sat there writing letters, and who might those letters have been written to (or about, even…).  did they use a pencil?  pen & india ink? wax stamps?   what were they wearing in 1870?   i lurrrrve it.

upon entering the store (angels & antiques for those of you in the FAY), i make a beeline for the verrrrry back corner of the store.  there, in all its glorious gloriousness, is a new booth.  a new gem amongst all the other treasure to be found here.  there.  is a new booth owned by A String Of Purls.  *cue angelic music aaaaaaaaahhhh*  used to be that one would have to make a trek from FAY to stedman, NC to visit this LYS.  and this is  a great LYS so the 60min or so round trip (not counting store time) was totally worth it, but not always manageable with sir Omeister in tow.  now it seems that ASOP has opened  inside angels & antiques and let me warn you– the yarn room is incredible!  berrocco was calling my name today as i mustered the strength to say “not now….”.  but i will be back!     and the clincher here is that they have knitting circle on thursday nights.  dance of joy commencing……….now.     refer to the 60min round trip drive and you will see why this particular knitting circle gets high praise from me.  thank you ASOP!!

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