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well in an effort to um, streamline things around these parts (?) or maybe just to help myself stay on track, i am considering having a daily topic.  something along the lines of : on monday, i will post a photo summarizing the weekend; on tuesday i will post an art project, on wednesday i will post about our dogs, on thursday i will post a consumer(ist) review…etc etc…you get the idea. 

i feel that this would help me to keep on track, help me to find focus, and help me to post regularly (pseudo-deadline and all that), but i fear i may not be able to keep up with it and would just be aghast at myself if i were to let down my 2 readers per week.   mostly aghast at letting my blog down….argh. the pressure!  the humor!  the irony!!

let’s see if anyone out there has any idears, any suggestions, then.   anyone?  (can you hear the echo…echo…….echo………….echo?)

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