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well hubs has been in haiti for 26 days.  i have really struggled with whether i was going to blog about this.  mostly because i didn’t like the idea of putting it out there for the whole world to know that my hubs was gone…a safety issue, if you will.  i’m over that.  we have handguns.   loaded ones.  and i’m a really good shot. 

so now i will talk about how incredibly proud i am of this man.  i would like to scream it loudly from the top of someplace…ah-very high.    this hubs of mine.  this man i have chosen that has chosen me.  i am infinitely proud of him.  proud of the sacrifices he has made, the decision he makes every morning to put on that uniform to defend people he loves, people he doesn’t know, people he doesn’t like.   to defend an idea.  proud of his idealism.  proud of his strength, his integrity, his determination to make this world a better place.  i am proud to be the wife of such a brave man. 

my hubs is a career infantryman.  he has seen a lot of combat…close combat.  when he got to haiti he expressed to me the devastation, destruction, the scene of total implosion.  he described to me the sights, sounds, smells.  the sadness, how his heart weighed heavy for the haitian people, and how he was grateful for the opportunity to help them.  this was combat of a different kind.  these people were [are] fighting…but they are fighting for their own lives, their own survival, here.

so,  the 82nd has been there for 26 days.   which means that these soldiers have been away from their families for 26days.  the whole thing happened so fast really.  my hubs received a phone call that basically said, “pack your gear and be at battalion [headquarters] in an hour. we’re going to haiti”.    me:”WHAT?!!   when will you be back??  will i be able to talk to you??  what’s going on??”

typically we have many months to plan for a deployment.  to get used to the idea of our beloved being absent.  to stock up on memories by spending extra family time together, filing those “extra” memories away for a day when we are really feeling the effects of them being gone.  but not this time.  hubs was *POOF* just, gone.  just like that.  and without much communication for the first several weeks.   it was incredibly stressful and trying.  the communication has steadily improved over the last couple of weeks, but it is still lacking and there are still some wives who haven’t heard from their husbands yet.

but here’s the bottom line of this post (aside from all the gushing about how incredibly proud of my soldier i am)…he’s coming home SOOOOOOON.  very SOOOOOOOON!     ah, these are not details that one can post in cyberspace.  opsec and all that…i want to make sure he actually gets home!    i am ecstatic to be realizing what a whirlwind this deployment has been.  he left so FAST and is returning in the same way.  and then it is done.     then i can get to the business of blogging some more about the horror of haiti, the things hubs saw, instead of being consumed with my own selfish business of missing my brave soldier husband.

hurry home hubs.  i can not WAIT to hold you in  my arms and whisper “welcome home”s to you.   and ollieman misses his daddy.

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