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getting ready for the holidays and to get this here web log off the ground.  i am so super charged and excited to get going!  i’ve been sifting through photographs, playing with PSE, thinking about what i will write–or rather, what we will discuss (yay!) and gathering it all together in a journal my head.  i hope it all comes out ok, she says with nervous anticipation and butterflies tinkling in her tummy.

and while i’ve been daydreaming, err–planning, what is to appear on these pages with the new year, we’ve all been busy getting ready for Christmas.  this year will prove to be the most exciting yet that our little family of 3 (5 if you’re counting the dawgs) has had, i’m sure.   first, we are blessed to have daddy home with us this year and not off on another deployment.  our family is complete this year and that is the most important thing.  second, little O-Meister turned two not so long ago and is juuuust getting the hang of this opening-the-presents and ornaments-on-the-tree thing.   as the mama of said two year old, i can not wait to see his sweet little face on Christmas morning when he appears from the bedroom, sleepy eyed, carried by moi (because his legs do NOT work until he’s been around to say good morning to the dawgs first).    i can not wait to see his face when he witnesses the behemoth mountain that santa has brung…and when it dawns on him that all of those things wrapped up under that tree are just for him!     happy baby.  happy mama.  love abounds.

hmmm.   our anniversary is tomorrow and my birthday is next week, too!   so many things to celebrate on Carolina Lane.   i am such a lucky mama.

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